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Pu Tien Restaurant

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As its self descriptive name denotes, Putien Restaurant specializes in the cuisine of Putian area, on the shores of Fujian Province in south China, which is known for being light and simple, although it is fairly rich in ingredients...


The restaurant is nicely decked out in an elegant-contemporary style, with clean lines, light wood parquet and whitish hues that give a feeling of spaciousness... Ambience is fairly pleasant: not too swanky or pretentious... just nice, and the food is great: a variety of lightly spiced dishes that bring out the natural taste of the various ingredients...


Recommended dishes include: Ice Bitter Gourd, Braised Pig Intestine, "Pu tien style" century egg, Stir Fried YamHomemade Beancurd, Deep fried pig trotters with pepper, Deep fried duck with yam and, of course, their lovely seafood specialties...


Prices are not too high (although they can vary considerably, as there are a few expensive items on the menu): a nice meal is about SG$ 25 - 40


Open daily for lunch and dinner


#02 - 205 Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard           Phone: 6336 4068



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