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Macau hostel, Guesthouse and Backpacker accommodation

Macau Hostel, Guesthouse and Backpackers

Here you will find information about the best of Macau hostels, guesthouses and other backpacker accommodations...


Those hostels were recommended by many travelers. They are relatively clean and tidy and offer some basic amenities to their guests, like hot/cold showers, storage for luggage, reasonably furnished rooms/dormitories, etc...


Some hostels in Macau would also have double rooms at reasonable prices.



This mini-guide covers Macau hostels, Macau backpackers, Macau guest houses and Macau cheap accommodation



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The rate for a dormitory bed in an average Macau hostel is about MOP$ 80 to 100 per night, while the rate for a double room ranges roughly from MOP$ 150 to 250 per room per night.


Generally speaking, the low-budget traveler is likely to get a better value for his money in Macau, than in Hong Kong.  The problem is that the choice of hostels in Macau (especially backpackers accommodation and dormitories) is not nearly as vast as it is in Hong Kong.


There are some small, privately owned guesthouses in Macau (they are also called "villas" locally) but many of them seem to be shabby and dirty. 


Nontheless, some guesthouses and hostels in Macau are clean, friendly and reasonably comfortable and these are the ones we are going to tell you about...


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An important "tip" for booking a Guesthouse or hostel in Macau:

Many of Macau's hostels and guesthouses would not have a single English-speaker among their staff... It is, therefore, advisable for you to send them a fax in English some time before traveling... This way they'll have enough time to find an English speaker who can translate your fax to them and help them reply.




Good old SanVa has been nestled along historic Rua da Felicidade for nearly a century and still offers one of the best options for those travellers who look for a cheap, but reasonable hstel-style accommodation around the city centre of Macau.
Tiny Augusters Lodge is, doubtlessly, one of the most popular backpacker hostels in Macau, mainly because there are not too many hostels in town with reasonable dormitories, like the ones you see in large cities around the globeā€¦
This small guesthouse seems to be fairly popular among low-budget travelers. Excellent location, within short walking distance to both Senado Square and Largo de Santo Agostinho.
This tiny hostel has only five rooms, but it provides a reasonable accommodation for this kind of budget. Great location at the heart of the city, half way between the Lisboa and Senado Square and within short walking distance to many places of interest.
Those of you who have more than a few days to spend in Macau can consider staying a night or two in one of Coloane Island's youth hostels, which offer a fantastic location, right next to the island's picturesque beaches.